The Bag Lady's Guide to Elegant Living- Learn to Love the Life You Have

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People Are Talking!

I was pulled into the story in every way. It caught me from the first page.

- Cheri Conrad,


I felt like I was the one experiencing it.

- Dixie Winne,
Elementary school teacher


It made me want to go get a notebook and do the things with her (Angela). It was like the Baglady was talking to me!

- Rhonda Rhoades,
Worship coordinator


The book actually makes you think about your own life.

- Tina Adrian,
Real estate agent


I think He (God) sent me here (to Kansas) to read your manuscript. How did you get so much wisdom? I think it was Lord ordained that I read this book.

- Shari Miles,


The night Rose sent her home to focus on God...I had a strange and really good feeling when I read that. The one question that I have struggled to answer in my life is ‘What is my purpose here?' And the answer I came up with after reading that book is to let go and let God have this life and he will lead me if I will just follow.

- Millie Webster,


I found myself unable to put it down. It spoke to my soul.

- Brenda Ellis,
Office coordinator


What did the readers think of the Baglady?

I loved Rose. I grew very attached to her. Every chapter I worried that she wouldn't be sitting on the bench.

- Denise Esser,
Elementary teacher


Her unwavering focus on what was good and true. Underneath all that, her trust in God.

- Faye Ressel,


She led in the right direction but let the discovery be your own.

- Debbie Allen,
Accounting clerk


I thought she was either the Virgin Mary or God.

- Llourdes Ylagan,


Because of the message, I thought the Baglady was an Angel.

- Diana Ferguson,
Travel agent


I felt like she had to be an angel. She exemplified God in everything she did, and yet she had time to have fun and do silly things.

- Darlene Brown,


Her peace and the way she had of teaching Angela without making it seem like she was teaching. It wasn't forced. Very natural.

- Veronica Laliberte,
Language teacher


Reader comparisons to other books

It reminds me of the type of books that Ken Blanchard writes...Also reminds me of The Secret, but with a more Christian approach.

- Mari Peck,
Leadership consultant


It led me to the answers in a much shorter way than Mark Victor Hansens, The Power of Focus. Your's is experiential.

- Debbie Summers,
Adult education


I liked how you took the scriptures and Bible background and related it to everyday life

- Cowanda Nisbett,
Retired teacher


It was wonderful, sort of like an "Illusions" (my favorite book by the way) specifically for me, a woman around 40 starting over.

- Samantha Joseph,


Would I recommend it? Absolutely! I'd hand it out like tracks.

- Sheila Gunlock,
Business owner


I want a case of them because I have so many friends I want to read it.

- Sally Beach,


Get it out there. People will buy it. I even told a perfect stranger about it and she wanted to read it.

- Pepper Garcia,
Aircraft industry technician


What would make this book better?

A sequel to know what she (Angela) did with the wisdom she gained.

- Michelle Sell,
Stay at home mom


A couple more visits with the Baglady.

- Kathy Smith,