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WOW Weekends Start Right Here

This lovely old Victorian, built in 1906 was a bed and breakfast before I moved in and began my new life as an inspirational author and life-change mentor. Now, on selected weekends I host small, intimate retreats in my home. As your mind and heart are expanded thru private and group sessions, you'll have an opportunity to take a loving look at your life so far and embrace skills that will bring more joy and satisfaction into your future.

Though emotional and spiritual introspection are serious business, ‘The Baglady's way of things' is lighthearted. She helps you see how your life experiences have been helpful in bringing you to the place you are; a place of willingness that opens to new and greater potential in work, play, and personal relationships.

LOOK where you'll be staying


Original hardwood floors
Sunday Parlor with Antique Baby Grand
Formal Dining Room with Pocket Doors
5 bedrooms with walk-in closets
4 full baths, 1 with oversized Jacuzzi
Veranda Porch, 2nd floor Balcony
Koi Pond with Fountain
2nd floor Snack Kitchen
Large Family Room
Central Heat and Air
Completely rennovated in 1993
Doubled in size in 1993
Interiors updated in 2006

GALLERY: The Parlor


The dining room bay window has its original diamond-design leaded glass and window seat. And... it overlooks the Koi pond. This room is huge, sixteen feet square with a 10' ceiling. It also has a pass thru/bar to the kitchen and the original pocket doors to the living room.

GALLERY: The Dining Room


When I moved in this was a guest suite. It was beautiful and spacious. Right now I use it as my office Hidden behind the cabinet there in front is a huge U-shaped desk that takes up more room than a queen sized bed. The room measures 16.5 x 21.5 The attached bathroom has an oversized shower, a 48" vanity and additional built in cabinets.

GALLERY: Family Room


The cafe style curtains on the lower half of the windows allow you to look out on the green and flowering branches of a huge mimosa in the side yard.. When the windows are open, the soothing sounds of the waterfall and fountain can rock you to sleep at night. This room is the one as you come directly up the stairs to the 2nd floor. The room size is 12'6"x13.It also has a huge walk-in/walk-thru closet.

GALLERY: The Mimosa Room The Mimosa Room


When I moved to the house, this room was a bedroom. However, I am currently using it as a 2nd floor living room and game room. As is shown in the first 2 photos below. The balcony runs the entire length of the room. This room has a huge walk-in closet. As seen in new photos, bi-fold doors have been added to cover the additional shelving units that were exposed in the third photo. This room has a neutral textured wallpaper with 2 tone painted color scheme on the trim work.

GALLERY: The Balcony Room The Balcony Room The Balcony Room


This bedroom (11'x11'6") has a pale rose-colored carpet and a small walk-in closet. The Balcony room, Mimosa and Periwinkle all share a huge bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub and shower combination. The bathroom is decorated in an African motif.

GALLERY: The Periwinkle Room


This room measures 15'x17' and has a large walk-in closet. It also has a full bathroom with 36" vanity and tub/shower. This is the master suite on the 2nd floor with a cozy sitting area. It is a corner room with windows on the north and east sides.

GALLERY: The Lilac Room The Lilac Room


As you come up the narrow stairway to the 3rd floor you might actually be in the highest room in Columbus. You can overlook the whole city from this vantage point. It makes a perfect studio or study. The Lighthouse Bedroom is almost a square room that angles up from each side to a skylight at the very top. It also has a window in the center of 3 sides. It feels like the top of a lighthouse in this room. It's really a neat room. The bathroom has a pedestal sink and corner shower.

GALLERY: The 3rd Floor Suite The 3rd Floor Suite The 3rd Floor Suite

You can join a group on an open weekend and get acquainted with friends you just haven't met before, or you can come with your sorority sisters, professional association or church group. (Ask for special group pricing.)

And best yet, all you have to do is arrive; no agenda planning or thoughts about entertaining anyone other than just being there to experience new ways to open up to your future. You'll have a vacation from all your normal responsibilities so you can focus just on you.

As women, so often we take on the needs, wants and expectations of everyone else. We get so good at denying ourselves that we can actually forget how to just stop! Stop everything and take time to find ourselves once again. When I think of this, it reminds me of these few lines of a poem by Jewel.

Tell me nothing needs to be done -
No clocks need winding

There is no bell without a voice
Needing to borrow my own

When you come for retreat at my home, just for these few days, it is all about you and what your soul needs. It is about acknowledging the past, while not letting it dictate your future.

Extended mentoring from your own personal Baglady.

For some of my weekend guests, it is the beginning of an extended mentoring program to keep you on track when you go home. It is easy to maintain yourself when you are away from all the stresses and responsibilities of daily life. Yet, if left on your own, it may be impossible once you get home. We all need an advocate in the beginning to help us stay on the track we've fashioned for ourselves.

I accept a limited number of women each year into my mentorship program, aiding them in developing a balanced life while achieving their goals. My mentoring package includes daily journaling and allotting time to several aspects that make up a balanced life. We schedule time on the phone each week and accountability is accomplished thru regular email. 

Contact Dina for the next available Retreat Dates.

WOW Weekend Itinerary

Friday evening
Everyone arrives during the early evening hours. There will be snacks
and finger foods, and beverages. Special food needs can be accommodated. Let me know in advance.
This evening we will clear our minds for the lives we just left and establish what each person expects to receive during her stay.
Breakfast, lunch and celebrations dinner in the evening.
Snacks anytime you wish during day or evening
Workshops and time for reflection throughout the day
During the weekend each person will have a private session with me to focus just on their particular needs.
Coffee and light fare for early risers
Brunch for all midmorning with final sessions and comments
Guests leave shortly after noon
Sunday night (additional charge)
As available, Dina will continue work with anyone who may want to stay over on Sunday evening.

Retreat Pricing

The size of each retreat is limited to a maximum of 10 women.
I have 5 guest bedrooms and each one has a queen bed. You will not be asked to share a room with anyone, but if you should want to share with a close friend, that can be arranged.

Retreat with private bedroom - $785

Retreat with shared bedroom -  $685

Extra night with individual coaching - $385

Special Group Rates

If you have a group of women who want to go thru the retreat process together, please talk to me about group pricing. It's very enticing!

Contact Dina for the next available Retreat Dates.

Location and Travel Information

Columbus is in the far southeast corner of Kansas, making it easily accessible from several major cities. If you are flying in, any of these major airports can service you.

Tulsa – 2 hours
Wichita – 3 hours
Kansas City – 3 hours
Springfield, MO – 2 hours
Fayetteville, AR – 2 hours