Since the mid 1970s, Dina Dove has founded several businesses. In 1974 she and her husband started Microgamma Systems, Inc. This company designed and manufactured high technology electronic test equipment. Their customers included Intel and Dell.

Dina also founded the company DINA, a design and manufacturing company, providing upscale accessories to the home fashions industry. The most notable national accounts were JC Penney, Spiegel, and finally Wal-Mart. The company DINA grew to be one of the top 5 US companies in its field of specialization. Dina was named Kansas Manufacturer of the Year in 1988.

In 2002, Dina co-founded a financial services and education company. She brought her passion to guide people on the road to success into this national company. Her design expertise gave the company a Fortune 500 corporate image. She assisted in developing the coaching success programs, produced multi-media packaging and a product line that has been implemented by 1000’s of clients nationwide.

Dina is co-author of Mind Your Money, Mind Your Business, Mind Your Bank, ACRE (a creative real estate how-to), The Business Owners Success System (BOSS) and The Perfect Tax Solution, all are multi-media financial coaching programs.

Through her experience in the financial education field, Dina realized that there was an underlying secret to true success. True wealth comes easy to people when they learn to embody a particular mindset.

With that teaching in mind, The Baglady’s Guide to Elegant Living was published in 2008.

Dina always has the core desire to make a difference in the lives of those she serves.For additional information or to book Dina to speak to your organization, please email dina@bagladysguide.com

The Authors Story

As I sat in the Grand Hyatt, listening to a pianist play a sparkling baby grand amidst lavish marble and glass, the homeless held their hands out for a bit of change on the street outside. If I were penniless, I would live much differently than them, I thought, never imagining I would ever have to seriously consider those things in my own life.

The Baglady’s Guide to Elegant Living came about as a result of life-changing circumstances in the author’s own life. At the age of forty, Dina Dove had been a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur for almost twenty years. How quickly things can change.

At forty-one she walked into an uncertain future; broke, newly divorced, with no job, no unemployment pay, $250,000 in debt and the IRS knocking at her door. She didn’t know what was going to become of her. Far from the tragic devastation that she expected, she stepped into the world empty and found a life that was magical beyond her wildest dreams. “It was as if I was swooped up into the arms of God,” she explains.

At first, she thought it was just a fluke, but as the years passed she recognized that the sudden push out of her old life gave the gift of a brand-new way of looking at the world.


That new perspective changed everything. Having found the steps to true contentment, she created the Baglady’s Guide series to share these teachings with others.

As a life coach, inspirational speaker, and workshop leader, Dina Dove is dedicated to helping others find the blessings hidden in their lives. Through the work she does, people remember who they really are at their deepest core and discover their unique path to personal fulfillment.

Dina lives in Missouri and travels extensively throughout the United States. To meet her or learn more about her personal coaching and group programs, contact her at dina@bagladysguide.com